Terms & Conditions

These conditions are intended to define the conditions under which the WFN provides the customer(s) service(s) that the customer accepts without reservations or restrictions. Registration by the customer of the service 'Free Website' implies without revocation acceptance of the below.

  1. Duration: Registration to the ''WFN Work Tool'' & ''Free Website'' isn’t attached to any minimum or maximum length of time. You have the right at any time to make a request to put an end to your activities with WFN.
  2. Price: The WFN ''Free Website'' service has no membership fee. Only the domain name fee will be charged every year if you give us the responsibility. The ''WFN Work Tool'' service has a monthly fee of use that depends on the number of orders generated during the month.
  3. Domain name: The domain name you choose and pay every year remains your property. At any time, you can apply to get your domain name through the WFN technical team via the support ticket tool. It will be transferred only if the owed balances are paid.
  4. Commissions: By accepting the Terms and Conditions you acknowledge to pay 10% commission on the subtotal for each order that is generated directly through your website. Orders placed by telephone are not raked and remain 100% yours. Each commission amount will be detailed on your monthly bill and payable within 30 days.
  5. Maintenance:
    WFN is responsible for the following:
    * Updating the colors of the site depending on the seasons
    * Updating featured products
    * Adding new WFN products
    *** So no more worries about taking care of all of that!
  6. Management: At any time, you will be able to easily manage the prices of various products in addition to their availability on your website. Note that the pictures posted on the web site are exclusively the property of WFN.
  7. Wire Order: All wire orders from the WFN working tool are paid by credit card by the florist who sends the order. WFN is not responsible for the cancellation or complaints that could ensue following the wire order. In the eventuality where the florist who receives the order does not desire the order, he can cancel the wire order and a refund will automatically be made on the florists credit card who sent the order. For the florist who receives a wire order, a fee of 3.75% per accepted wire order will be charged by WFN on its monthly bill.
  8. Search Engine Optimisation: The referencement of your website on the search engines is for us our main challenge. WFN and its marketing team will put their experience in place so that your website ranks on the major search engines.
  9. Stripe Integrated payment mode: Your ''Free Website'' includes the integrated payment method in your WFN work tool. This means that each transaction on your website will be deposited directly into your bank account via the transactional platform Stripe.com. Transaction costs are 2.9% + $ 0.30. The deposits are made directly into your bank account 7 days following the transaction.
    WFN chose this transaction platform because it is the only one in the world to offer an integrated payment without contracts and no monthly fees.
  10. WFN uses the google auto-complete API to display different city choices for its delivery fields. By associating each of the cities you serve with a delivery charge, the latter will be automatically calculated as well as the taxes associated with its territory.
    Note: It is possible that Google is not listed all cities or municipalities in its listed.
    *** In the event that your customer does not enter the city of delivery or the Google Auto-complete API has problems with an order, it is your responsibility to contact your customer to charge shipping fees and taxes that would not have been charged.
  11. Server designation: The ''WFN Work Tool'' & ''Free Website'' services include the assignment of a storage space on the server from the time you register. The server remains the property of WFN. The customer is informed that he cannot at any time physically or any other ways access the server. WFN reserves the right to substitute at any time the part of the server allocated for maintenance or for the assignment of a better technology.
  12. Declaration & your responsability towards your clients: You are solely responsible for the price displayed on your website. WFN frees itself from orders generated on your website and tax issues that might be attached to it. All complaints or disputes with consumers will be managed by yourself.
  13. Chargeback: Accepting credit cards is a wonderful feature for businesses to offer their customers, but it does come with risks. It is your responsibility if you have any doubt about the order to try to contact the customer and make sure the order is not fraudulent. During this time the funds are withheld from your business, which can be a major inconvenience. As soon as the customer notifies their bank that they have a dispute, the bank reaches out the merchant for some additional details about the transaction. The burden is on the merchant to prove that the transaction is not fraudulent, or the bank will refund the money to the customer. Here’s the kicker: the customer also gets to keep the product they purchased! This is certainly not a win for the merchant. The bank will ask all kinds of questions about the details of the purchase and the due diligence conducted to ensure the purchase was legitimate, and will use the information you provide to make your determination. WFN frees itself from orders generated on your website and from any Chargeback that could occur. The procedure to contest a chargeback is to Submit evidence directly from your Stripe account. Stripe charge a 15$ Fee for any chargeback that may occur.
  14. Payment default: If we have the responsibility of your domain name, the renewal will be charged every year. Each bill can be paid very easily directly in your WFN Work Tool. In the event that you do not acquit the bill within 30 days, suspension of your website will be made until the full amount is paid.
    On the monthly bills, the commission fee for the internet orders will be associated with all the details. Each bill can be paid very easily directly into your WFN Work Tool. In the event that you do not acquit the bill within 30 days, suspension of your website will be made until the full amount is paid.
  15. Responsibility: WFN assumes under the present an obligation of means. WFN will not be held liable for compensation for indirect and consequential damages suffered by the customer as a direct or indirect result from the performance or improper performance of the services, such as including loss of revenue, customers, profits, computer data, moral prejudice etc.