Our commitment: Help FLORISTS generate more orders and save more time!

WFN is commited to get more orders to your Flower Shop and offering you the best tool on the market to help you save time!

Incredible Offer for
you Florists.
Free eCommerce Website

Free eCommerce Website

Having an eCommerce responsive website with us is FREE and riskfree!

How to get started?

Shop Management System

Tired of taking orders by hand... And losing time searching for orders in boxes...

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Florist-to-Florist Transfer

No monthly & technology fees. Start sending & receiving order through the WFN wire services now!

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  • Florist WFN
    We help Flower Shops
    generate more orders & save time!
    WFN helps you to get more orders through internet
    WFN helps you save more time every day
    WFN provides you with tools to simplify your business
  • Save Money
    Tired in spending
    hundreds of dollars for membership fees?
    Being part of the WFN florist association is riskfree.
    Our compensation method differs from all other associations
    and is based solely on the results we bring you. Which means
    that if you do not make money, we do make any either!
  • WebMarketing
    Web marketing
    is not your job and you need help?
    WFN helps tens of florists generate
    hundreds of web orders each month. Our goal
    is to help florists increase their presence
    on Google and other search engines.

Because YOUR Flower Shop deserve the best system at LOWER price!That's why WFN's business model is unique on the market charging only for revenus we bring to your florist or services you use.

Why this is RISK-FREE?

When you register, you will have access to many
services and you can use only the ones you need?

  • You only pay for online orders (10%)
  • You only pay when you receive wire orders (3.75%)
  • You only pay when you use the Shop Management System
  • You make money... We charge you small prices...
  • This is why many Florists have chosen WFN!
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Why choose WFN?

Because we are commited to help Flower Shop
perform better all the time.

  • We will work on your website SEO
  • We manage all year long your website
  • We have the lowest price on the market
  • We have simple & powerful tool for your florist
  • Your money is deposed directly inde your bank account
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New mobile APP
For Delivery
Increase the efficiency of your delivery service

What People Say’s About WFN The most affordable floral network on the market!

I chose to have a 2nd website with WFN and it took only 48 hours before it was online. WFN manage my website all year long and I only pay 10% commission for online orders and 0% for phone orders! Now I have 2 websites bringing orders to my florist and this is great!
Ron Lemire Sherbrooke, Canada
WFN has a great customer services and they always answer my questions very quickly. Even if I am not the best with computer, the system is very simple to use.
Lucie Stroll Edmonton, Alberta
I was looking to save money without losing all the advantages offered by a floral association. With WFN, I still can send/receive orders from other flower shop and all the money is directly deposed into my bank account.
Mark Adraison Montreal, Quebec

WFN is the #1 Most Affordable Floral Network! Join Now!