Wire Services

Grow your business now with WFN

No monthly & technology Fees

Start Sending & Receiving orders through the WFN Wire Services now

Sender Florist pay the florist directly via Credit Card & get instant Florist to Florist discount.

Receiving Florist only pays 3.75% Fee & get paid automatically inside their bank account.

Connect Florist to Florist

WFN planned to connect Flower Shop through different cities in different countries and help them grow their business together.


Using the payment gateway Stripe, all wire orders received will be deposed directly into your bank account. Stripe offers a no monthly fee, no contract services.


By managing your weekly opening days & day you are closed in the year. Other Flower Shop will only be capable sending your orders the day you are opened.


Be informed via SMS or email for every new order received by wire services.


All orders receive through the wire services will be find inside your Shop Manging System ready to be print & executed.

Delivery Price

By managing all cities served & prices, all orders you will receive through the wire services will include the delivery price you set for that location.


Every florist will have the possibility to manage the given discount to the flower shop sending orders.